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What the %#@$ is GamerFood?


GamerFood is a radical new development in both food and gaming, the likes of which has never been seen.  Gamers, being an offshoot of Homo sapiens have basic needs, and like their weaker brethren, eating is tantamount to survival.  Currently, the most convenient options for gamers are greasy snack foods and soda that while delicious, leave the consumer feeling bloated and tired.  Since no one else was stepping up to the plate, we felt it was our job, neigh our duty to help rectify this injustice.  

And thus GamerFood was born!  We have sought out the most talented flavorsmiths in all the land to provide a wide selection of delicious snacks, infused with caffeine and taurine to meet the unique demands of a gamers’ diet.  Whether it be simple nutrition or game enhancing energy, GamerFood is the one stop shop for both.  From sunflower seeds to honey-roasted cashews to chewing gum, our end-goal is to offer enough variety to satisfy every gamer’s palette and keep them gaming harder, longer.

Based in sunny Los Angeles, we are already partnering with some of the biggest names in gaming and YouTube. We have also begun talking to a number of game developers of all sizes in the hopes of making badass co-branded products. If you make games, come talk to us!

That’s a lot of text! Let’s recap

  • A wide array of delicious snacks foods.
  • Packed full of energy to keep gamers performing at their best.
  • Convenient, re-sealable packaging to minimize the mess and maximize the freshness.