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What is GamerFood?
GamerFood creates the ultimate gaming snacks, designed with the core needs of gamers in mind. To most snack companies, gamers are just another target demographic – not here friends! You are the only thing we are laying awake thinking about at night. At GamerFood, we strive to embody everything that is great about the gaming community. We work with top gamers, casters, youtubers, and gaming companies across all platforms in ways that traditional snack food companies never will. We have exciting things planned for the future!
Who runs GamerFood?
How do we know we’ve created kickass gaming snacks? Because we are a team of lifelong gamers who finally started our dream company together! After months of development, working with leaders in the food and gaming industries, the dream became the three delicious products you see today. We’ve produced “Snackable Energy,” and made it a reality with Cashews of Chaos, Nuts of Destruction, and Seeds of Victory.
As you’ll see on our Team Page, we’re loved and used by the best gamers in the world already.
Our Promise:
Crush Hunger - Taste Great - Boost Energy - Improve Focus and Reaction Time
Where can I buy these?
Right now, GamerFood is available exclusively online at GamerFood.com (so buy now!) but we’ll expanding to retail in the coming months and keeping you in the loop as that happens. Wholesalers/Retailers please contact us at sales@gamerfood.com for more information.
How long will it take for my order to ship and arrive?
Once we finish packing and loading your order, you will be emailed a shipping confirmation. Our items generally ship within 1-2 days. Please see the checkout page for the exact date the items will ship.
You can choose between several different shipping options, including Fedex, UPS, and USPS. 
If I ran GamerFood, I would...
Please tell us!
How can I check on my orders?
Come back to GamerFood at any time. Sign in with your Facebook account or email address and password.
My order should have arrived by now. What should I do?
If your order has not arrived in 10 business days, please call our customer support at (888) 778-3035 or email us at info@gamerfood.com.